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Service Contracts


AmeriCar Automotive only provides vehicle service contracts that offer the security of A+ rated insurance companies. AmeriCar will not and has not partnered with any insurance company that does not have a solid financial foundation and world class claims administration. We understand that what happens after the sale of any product has a direct impact on our relationship with our dealer clients. For that reason we carefully vet any and all products and we will immediately resolve any product/contract complaints. Our service contract programs offer reinsurance programs and dealer owned structures along with some of the best retrospective commissions in the industry.

AmeriCar is uniquely positioned to provide an extensive variety of Service Contract products such as:

  • New Vehicle Coverage - up to 7yrs and 150,000 miles

  • Used Vehicle Coverage - up to 20yrs and 150,000

  • Wrap Programs

  • Non Standard Vehicles - Commercial use

  • Nationwide acceptance


Provides your customer the funds to pay the difference between what the insurance company states his/her car is worth and what the lender states he/she still owes on the car. We provide Gap coverage for: New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers.

Tire & Wheel

Rocks, nails and potholes - your customer will encounter these hazards daily. The cost to replace/repair tires and/or wheels can be very expensive. Give your customer the chance to offset this costly out of pocket expense.

High Mileage Service Contracts

Our High Mileage Service Contract allows you to sell more used cars by offering a 5yr/200,000-mile service contract to customers buying cars with up to 150,000 miles. These contracts will cover cars going back 20 years. This service contract is insured by an A+ rated insurance company.
Example: If the car has 100,000 miles on it at the time of sale, the warranty will expire in 5yrs or 300,000 miles.

Door Ding / Key Fob Replacement

Paintless Dent Repair helps your customer retain vehicle value by removing miner dents without using sanding, paint and body fillers. Key replacement allows your customer obtain new keys if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Merchant Audit Program (MAP)

There are up to 600 variations of Master Charge, Visa and American Express cards being used by the consumer today. Each of these cards have different fees charged when they are used at the point of sale. The average dealership merchant statement can have 15 – 30 pages of transactions. In almost all dealerships the statement is not audited/analyzed because dealership personnel do not have the time or information needed to reconcile each transaction. You would need to know the specific rates and fees for each credit card transaction on the statement and then you need to do the math to confirm that the charge/credit was correct.

The Merchant Audit Program will provide a Free audit/analysis to help you identify savings on your merchant statement.



UR Clean Car ™

It is estimated that the average used car may contain as many as 17 million germs, bacteria and microbes due to normal use. No customer wants to buy a car and inherit all of the germs, bacteria, microbes, mildew and mold of the previous owner. All dealers inspect used cars before they retail them. They also run vehicle history reports that they make available to the customer. With “UR Clean Car ™” Certification you can also show your customer that his/her car has been treated with our process that can potentially eliminate up to 99.9% of all Germs, Microbes, Mold and Mildew from interior surfaces and the ventilation system. Our process allows the dealer to test the level of contamination in the vehicle and generate a report to share with the customer. The “UR Clean Car ™" decontamination process takes about 10 minutes for the average car. Once process the is complete we place a dated “UR Clean Car ™" logo sticker in vehicle window.
“UR Clean Car ™" Sales Opportunities
1. New car sales – contaminations from test drives, clean up, factory.
2. Service Department – every customer that comes through has a contaminated car.
3. Used car department – contamination from previous owners.
Contact us to see how your dealership can generate more profit using the “UR Clean Car ™"

If it is not UCC certified, then it is not a clean car

Pre-Screen Credit Solutions

The Automotive industry’s first live Pre-Screen Solution.

  • Instantly know the exact FICO credit score of your showroom visits and internet leads with just a name and address

  • Instantly know if you are working with a prime, near-prime or sub-prime customer

  • Instantly know that you are quoting the right interest rate for the payment buyer

  • Instantly know the customers potential trade-in information as reported in the credit report

  • Instantly know if a customer has been shopping for a car in the last 30 days

  • You can get your customers FICO score without an inquiry showing up in the customer’s credit report. Your sales manager and sale personnel will know how to structure the deal. This tool is almost unfair. It will change the way you sell/finance cars.

Customer Payment Plans
Service Dept - Service Writer Plus™ Program

AmeriCar recognizes that there are many missed opportunities and lost sales of service contracts in the service lane. This problem not only has a negative impact on profitability, but also has a negative impact on customer retention and customer satisfaction. The problem with selling service contracts in the service lane is that up until now the sales process took to long. AmeriCar has developed a program called “Service Writer Plus™” (aka: SWP). Service Writer Plus allows your service writer to sell your customer a service contact and complete the contract in 10 minutes.

Here's the process:
  • Service Contract options are kept simple

  • Vehicles 20 years or newer

  • Up to 200,000 miles on odometer

  • 0% financing up to 24mos – no credit check

  • Dealer/Service Department paid commission per policy

  • Service Writer paid commission per policy

Covers all major components and more………