About Us

For more than 18 years, AmeriCar Automotive Solutions has provided reliable, comprehensive and innovative automotive financial products to its automotive retail customers. AmeriCar has and will always provide products and training designed specifically for dealer clients. Our focus is on dealership profitability, compliance and customer retention. Our motto is “Exceeding Expectations”.

Exceeding Expectations is how you retain any relationship with a dealer client. AmeriCar understands that fact and brings to the relationship a commitment to consistently generate profitable results. No matter what anybody says, dealers don’t continue relationships that are not profitable. Our approach centers on one-on-one training and accountability. Give someone the right tools and teach them how to use them. Inspect what you expect.


AmeriCar is uniquely positioned to provide our dealer clients with limitless product variations along with our technology solutions that are cutting edge. These assets allow us to keep our commitment to our dealers to increase profitability. A positive result of our training/accountability approach is a smarter, much more effective and professional Service Department and Sales/F&I management team.

We know that exceeding our dealer partner’s expectations is the key to building long term and profitable relationships.