AmeriCar is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive and effective training to our dealer client personnel. We understand that to get results you must invest in training. Our commitment to training is consistent and ongoing. We also understand that measuring the effectiveness of all training is crucial to its success. Our training will keep your employees up-to-date with the newest methods /techniques available in the industry.

We believe that the key to dealership profitability is in the quality and quantity of training each manager gets. We also recognize that not all Sales/F&I managers and Service Writers learn in the same way. Our approach is to incorporate any and all training methods available to insure success in your store including

  • Offsite Classes – 1-5 Day Duration

  • Web Classes

  • One-On-One Training

  • Monthly Group Classes

  • Telephone Consultency

  • Video Recording

  • Certification Classes

  • F&I Legal and Ethical Standards

  • Federal, State and Local Compiliance Training

  • Telephone Consulting

What works in your store may not work in any other dealership. AmeriCar has been very effective in identifying how to motivate individual dealership personnel to increase dealership profits.